Published Stories

Theresa’s stories have been published online and in print journals.

In 2021 Theresa’s story Rootless was one of only three fiction stories selected to be published in the 2021 Fall / Winter edition of Black Warrior Review.

Her story Fracas Street won the Quarterly West Prose contest in 2022, and another story, Blank Speech Bubbles, was the winning story of the 2022 Black Fox Writing Contest, it was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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What People Say

Fracas Street
“I chose this story for its aura of unreality, its great sense of fullness within concision, its originality, and its vibrancy. The sisters of ‘Fracas Street’ are ghostly and intriguing as is the world they conjure between them.”
Amina Cain
Quartely West Guest Judge & Author of the novel "Indelicacy"
Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - Atonement


A woman invites a long-lost cousin to her home in an attempt to right past wrongs. Is it too late to rebuild their relationship?

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Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - Fracas Street

Fracas Street

Bizarre incidents happen on this sleepy street when two sisters move into the house on the corner.

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Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - Cracked Flowerpots

Cracked Flowerpots

The flowerpots aren't the only things falling apart at this house.

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Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - Blank Speech Bubbles

Blank Speech Bubbles

This story about a newly-wed woman who reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, won the 2022 Black Fox Writing Contest and was nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

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Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - Rootless


A story about sisterhood and migration. Rootless follows two Zambian sisters living in Perth. One is thriving, the other isn't.

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Theresa Sylvester's Published Stories - The Tractor

The Tractor

A single woman discovers a secret involving her pretty, married, young sister and their vocal mother. Set in Lusaka, The Tractor explores farm life, family bonds and societal norms.

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